You suspect your boyfriend of possible cheating activities, and the best way to find out if he is cheating is to spy on your boyfriends phone. You can do this without them knowing, or even leaving your home. How? Using an online user interface attached to a piece of software. The software gathers data directly from the monitored phone, sends it back to a secure database that only you have access through via a user name and password, then sends you a notice of any activity.

The Use of Cell Phone Spyware to Spy on your Boyfriend
You can spy on a boyfriends phone using a type of “cheating” app. The software is installed directly onto his phone and runs silently in the backround. Phone spying apps have been around since 2005, and have advanced alongside the phone software itself. You can spy on a cell phone from anywhere you gain online access. The app isn’t visible in the process list, therefore making it invisible to the user of the phone.

How to Spy on your boyfriends text messages
Most cell phone spy software allows you access to text messages. In this way you can spy on a boyfriends phone by finding out who they are texting. Even if they delete the text messages, it cannot stop you from finding out. The spy app picks up the message when it is first sent, then sends a copy to your online user interface where you can view it. This also works for emails and can be used for SMS messages on some apps. Most apps also provide a time stamp with date, time, duration and number of occurances to specific numbers.

The Best Methods Using SMS Spy Apps to Monitor your Boyfriend
So much communication is done instantly via SMS or instant messaging today. People rely on it to talk “in private” while also maintaining the ability to hide their tracks. Not so with an SMS capable app. As with the text message and email feature, a cell spy app giving you this feature allows you to instantly spy on the boyfriends phone when any instant message is sent inbound or outbound. Not all apps allow for this feature. Providers such as Flexispy, Stealth Genie and Mobile Spy do as part of their additional options.

To make use of this type of software you need to have five things:
·    the phone to be monitored
·    a computer with online access to set up the account
·    the service provider to purchase the license
·    the app to download
·    roughly five minutes time to download the app and set it up

Once you know specifically what type of phone you want to watch, you can spy on your boyfriends phone. Android spy apps, Blackberry spy apps and iPhone spy apps are all suited specifically to those phones. Also be aware of what version the phones software is so that the app is compatable with the software.

The Legality Issue of spying on your boyfriend
Depending on your state of residence, you may have legal issues with using these apps to spy on a boyfriends phone. Some states require the other party to be notified of certain monitoring. Employers can get around this as a clause for employment; parents often get around this issue as a matter of protection. Make sure you have grounds for use within your state.


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